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Intro B Composition Topics 

Write at least 40 words for each topic.

Unit 7 – Write about a famous person . Write his/her name, occupation, nationality, etc.

Unit 8 - What's your favorite holiday? Why? What special activities do you do on that day?

Unit 9 - Write about modern dating customs in Brazil.

Unit 10 - Suppose you're selling your house or apartment. Write an ad describing it.

Unit 11 - Write a composition describing what you usually wear at special events.

Unit 12 - Write an e-mail to a new friend telling the skills you have.  

Book 1A Composition Topics 

 Write at least 50 words for each topic.

Unit 1 - Write about a friend or a member of your family.

Unit 2 - Write about gestures in Brazil.

Unit 3 - Write about a department store. What do they sell? What is your favorite department?

Unit 4 - Write about a good place to go on vacation.

Unit 5 - Suppose you are writing to  a foreign friend who' s coming to visit Brazil for the first time. Write an e-mail giving some travel tips to him/her.

Unit 6 - What makes a good teacher? Write about that.

Book 1B Composition Topics 

Write at least 60 words for each topic.

Unit 7 - Write about how to be a successful language learner. Use your own ideas.

Unit 8 - Write about a hero.

Unit 9 - Write about a happy memory from when you were a child.

Unit 10 - Write about what you do when you feel stressed.

Unit 11 - Write about a big achievement by you or another person.

Unit 12 - Write a review of a new movie. Give your opinion.

Book 2A Composition Topics 

Write at least 70 words for each topic.

Unit 1 - Write about your happy memories.

Unit 2 - Write about a famous dish from on region in Brazil. What’s it made from? How does it  taste?  Do you like it? Why or why not?

Unit 3 - Write about a mystery.

Unit 4 - Write a letter to a friend giving advice to his/her problem. Start the composition describing hi/her problem.

Unit 5 - Imagine a friend is thinking of renting an apartment in your neighborhood. Write a message to  him/her about the good and bad points. What makes it different or interesting?

Unit 6 - Write about a friend’s plan for the future.


Book 2B  Composition Topics 

Write at least 80 words for each topic.

Unit 7 - Think about a festival in your city or in Brazil. Write advice for foreign ditiors.

Unit 8 - Create a fairy tale and write about it.

Unit 9 - Write about one of your plans or decisions.

Unit 10 - Write the pros and cons of using cell phone.

Unit 11 - Write about a useful technology or product that you use or someone you know uses. Explain the ways that it helps make life better.

Unit 12 - Write about a place you’ve visited.


Book 3A  Composition Topics 

Write at least 90 words for each topic.

Unit 1- Write about different ways to improve life in your city.

Unit 2 – Write about a happy change in you life – in the past or the future.

Unit 3 – Write about an event, a student, or a teacher at your school.

Unit 4 – Write  your ideas about the best way to meet a partner.

Unit 5 – Write advice for foreigners who come to your country to work or study.

Unit 6 – Write about a TV commercial that you like or don’t like. What is it about?